IgnitionOne and Netmining proudly present our “Big Book of Digital Marketing.” This all-inclusive resource is a compilation of articles and insights from recent months- providing marketers with an overview of the latest shifts, trends and fundamentals in the marketing landscape in 2015. Use it as a guidebook to marketing success in the new year.

Understanding Marketing Tech

Strategies to approach the dynamic marketing-tech space while transformations within technology companies and categories continue to converge.

Mastering Programmatic/RTB

Get information you need to shine light onto one of the fastest-growing developments in the media space.

Using Cross-Device Customer Data

With the challenge of fragmented consumer media habits and the role of mobile in the world of digital advertising, marketers need to bridge the gap across devices and learn to optimize meaningful moments within their marketing.

Navigating in the Marketing Landscape

Distinguish the trends to watch and learn how to best adapt to stay relevant.

Best Practices for 2015

Make the most out of the digital marketing strategies behind them and understand what works.


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