Google's DMP Pixel Fire Lockdown

In January, Google will no longer allow DMPs to fire 3rd party pixels on its Google Display Network (GDN). This policy specifically restricts capture of impression level data via cookie or other mechanisms for purposes of subsequent re-targeting, interest category categorization, or syndication to other parties on GDN inventory, which means your marketing results may become inaccurate depending on the technology you use. Inside this brief, you'll discover the reasons for this change, how it affects marketers, how you can prepare and more.

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  • The 3 possible reasons this change is taking place;
  • The impacts this change could have on DMPs/DSPs;
  • What this means for the marketer, and why you should consider using an integrated solution that centralizes the DMP, DSP and search;
  • Why IgnitionOne is one of the few technology companies that will be unaffected by Google’s DMP policy change.

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